Mister Terrific

“Daniel” could have easily been Michael Holt.


My mom saw JR get shot. We saw Green Ranger fuck shit up.

Cheaper than an anime body pillow.

It’s everything I love plus everything I hate.

“You can’t see me!” – The Wrestling Retribution Project

I may or may not also try Noctis cosplay.

I’m too old for this shit.

If nothing else, you get to see Michael Cera snort coke.

1) Ted and the gang will transform into the Gokaiger suits first before changing forms again.

It’s The Avengers with NOS.

If you Google image search “Xbox One” you’ll still get the first Xbox. That’s funny.

Why even bother?

If only the damn camera was centered.

Remember when everyone hated Fall Out Boy?

It’s hilarious when you can’t even tell the gender of any of the show’s characters.