Confession: I’ve never really played a Final Fantasy game from start to finish. The games never really interested me. There was a time when I was amazed by Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for some reason (now I can’t watch it without falling asleep) which made me want to play with Final Fantasy VIIAfter playing a copy I… never finished it.

Even when Final Fantasy XIII came out for the Xbox 360, I never broke down any doors to get it. I swore I’d buy a Final Fantasy game if it ever came to Microsoft’s console. Final Fantasy XI does not exist. It’s a good thing I made that oath to NO ONE because I broke that promise like it was nothing.

But after seeing the trailer for the new Final Fantasy XV, damn, count me in. The gameplay looks unlike anything I’ve seen. OK, that’s a lie, more like it’s a milkshake made out of various gameplay elements I have seen but put together in a way where it looks so fresh.

I’m in for this game. I swear I’ll keep my promise this time.


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