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Mister Terrific

Why Mister Terrific Should Have Been on “Arrow” Instead of the Atom

“Daniel” could have easily been Michael Holt.


How The Green Ranger Prepared A Generation Of TV Viewers

My mom saw JR get shot. We saw Green Ranger fuck shit up.

Experience Having Girlfriends Again: Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience” Coming To TV

Cheaper than an anime body pillow.

We Need To Talk About This Week’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

It’s everything I love plus everything I hate.

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 (Very Early) Preview: What We Know So Far

1) Ted and the gang will transform into the Gokaiger suits first before changing forms again.

The Power Rangers Anniversary is Hilariously Falling Apart

Why even bother?

Kyoryuger Doesn’t Have A Yellow Ranger Because Girls Aren’t Manly Or Some Bullshit

It’s hilarious when you can’t even tell the gender of any of the show’s characters.

G4TV Falls and Esquire Network Rises

I ain’t mad, just a little sad.

“The Shield” WWE Authentic Tee Fails To Impress

It’s definitely not Austin 3:16.

Sess-ion Over: Farewell, Adam Sessler

As the sun begins to set on my spring semester (actually I can’t tell because it’s cloudy and drizzling at the moment), I’ve been preparing myself to resume my blogging duties on a more regular basis. But in-depth discussions about the return of Brock Lesnar or what I think of Mass Effect 3 will have […]

“Quick, It’s Starting!”: The Best TV Opening Titles (In My Opinion Anyway)

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I enjoy most out of TV are the opening credits. They get the mood just right. Opening credits are their own work of art, sometimes more memorable than than the actual shows. They either tell the show’s synopsis in a stylish or fun way (e.g., […]

Life After Death 2: Learning To Carry On From Mad Men’s “The Grown Ups”

Warning: Spoilers. Mad Men is an award-winning American television series about the fictional Manhattan-based advertising agency Sterling Cooper in the 1960’s. Created by Matthew Weiner, it is also why I didn’t leave my house during the winter break. I started watching the series over the summer when it was uploaded on Netflix and slowly but […]

Disney Channel Makes a Joke About Eating Disorders and I’m Not Laughing.

Although I’ve never personally been a fan of Demi Lovato’s music/career, I give her much deserved credit for criticizing Disney after making an eating disorder joke in their latest show, Shake It Up via Twitter. The scene can be found here: And you can find Demi Lovato’s tweets here. Demi’s tweets pretty much sum up […]

In 2012, Will We Go To The Movies?

2012 is on the horizon. Are we going to go see movies then? Ben Fritz and Amy Kaufman of the Los Angeles Times reported that this past year audiences barely went out to the movies. Quantitatively, to the tune of a 25% decrease in “multiples,” industry speak for “the final box-office take compared to a […]