The Power Rangers Anniversary is Hilariously Falling Apart

Normally I’d be in tears crying about the whole debacle but I can’t help but laugh. Former Power Rangers have sounded off on all their social media channels about the incredibly frugality of the show’s production that has prevented an anniversary reunion from happening on an anniversary reunion-focused season.

The entire debacle is so much like the Doctor Who anniversary in that both franchises are celebrating pivotal, important milestones in their run and they are outright pissing fans off.

First there was Steve Cardenas (Rocky, Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger, Zeo Blue Ranger)

The offer was too low and there’s not a lot of character development. Just basically going to be in the background as an extra. I would’ve loved to do it but I could possibly take that amount of time away from my business for that little amount of money. I’m sorry but I believe that it’s them that’s letting the fans down because they want to get away with paying too little. I hope you understand. (Source)

Then, Rhett Fisher (Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger). This one is disheartening because of the unique situation of the Titanium Ranger: The first-ever, homegrown American Power Ranger that we never saw in Gokaiger (for obvious reasons).

Karan Ashley (Mighty Morphin’ Yellow Ranger)

Finally, Buttery himself. Matt Austin, director of Don’t You Forget About Me, a documentary that followed a small crew of grown-up 80’s kids stalk John Hughes, and former Green Ranger from Power Rangers SPD.

You need to spend money to make money. Now, I’m not going to explain in boring detail how old faces coming back could equal more product sales somehow because that’s way over my head right now, but I will say that it dilutes the big anniversary feel that you — yes, you, Saban Brands — keep on touting. Way to water down a celebration by having nothing but a guy in a suit nod his head pretending he’s a character that fans actually grew up to love. That’s just insulting.

But hey, what do I know? More screen time for the costumes might make kids want to buy the toy. Whatever. The whole thing already sucks.


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  1. This in no way contributes anything to the debate, but oh my god, I would love to see the Ninja Storm rangers again. Glenn McMillan in particular (although the guy is probably a lawyer now and I assume he has better things to do than do a cameo appearance, lol. But if SPD is Disney era, I’m going to assume NS is as well?).

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