Monthly Archives: February 2013

My Songs Know What YOU Did In The Dark, or, Fall Out Boy’s Return

Remember when everyone hated Fall Out Boy?


Kyoryuger Doesn’t Have A Yellow Ranger Because Girls Aren’t Manly Or Some Bullshit

It’s hilarious when you can’t even tell the gender of any of the show’s characters.

The Rock Unveils A New WWE Title And It Looks Like A Big Ring

No, it doesn’t spin.

Mortal Kombat Legacy 2 Trailer Makes “Get Over Here” Memorable Again

It does nothing to make me forget “Annihilation.”

Indiana Jones Could Have Survived The Nuke After All

Personally, I think Indiana could have definitely survived if he knew karate.

Someone Buy Me This God Damn Jurassic Park/Power Rangers Crossover T-Shirt

It would only be better if it were, uhh, Jeff Goldblum as a, uhh, Power Ranger.

Wrestling Removed From The Olympics

“You can’t see me!” -Wrestling, during the 2020 Olympics.

The Red Power Rangers Take Over Manhattan, Shut Up It’s Great

I would be OK if these become the last surviving relics of our civilization.

Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” Is The Only Oscar Pregame You Need

If only the awards show were as entertaining as this.

Elizabeth Olsen And Bryan Cranston Are Going To Run Like Hell From Godzilla in 2014

Daniel Day-Lewis will also star as the titular character. (I’m joking, but could you imagine?)

G4TV Falls and Esquire Network Rises

I ain’t mad, just a little sad.

“The Shield” WWE Authentic Tee Fails To Impress

It’s definitely not Austin 3:16.