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Consoles Wars Aren’t Won But Endured

I’m too old for this shit.


NEW XBOX REVEALED: Xbox One, PLUS Steven Spielberg To Helm HALO

If you Google image search “Xbox One” you’ll still get the first Xbox. That’s funny.


If you have a Facebook like most of the population, then odds are you’ve tried a Facebook game or two. I don’t know a single person under the age of 30 that if I asked them, “Do you know what FarmVille is?” who wouldn’t answer, “yes.” It really is an incredible market. With Facebook credits out now, Facebook has […]

2012 in Video Games Part I: The PSVita

Wow. What a great fucking year for gaming! Starting this decade on the right foot, 2011 brought some incredible video games to the table that will surely join in the category of gaming legends. Instead of speaking about the past year, however, I’m more interested in looking ahead to 2012, and what classics it may […]