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My Songs Know What YOU Did In The Dark, or, Fall Out Boy’s Return

Remember when everyone hated Fall Out Boy?


The Best and Worst of The Bamboozle 2012

For the uneducated, The Bamboozle festival has been a festival that takes place every year around the first weekend of May for the last couple years. Headliners have included everyone from No Doubt to Fall Out Boy to Motley Crue, and each year always manages to bring a crowd of freaks, geeks, weirdos, normal people […]

“The Crux” by Hurt (Review)

I’ve been a fan of Hurt since I saw them open for Seether, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace (and yes, that was an awesome concert). I wasn’t entirely sold on their music (not that it was bad, I was just trying to remain objective), but when singer J Loren Wince pulled out a violin […]

Transgender Dysphoria Blues: Tom Gabel and Against Me!

If there’s one band that I’ve consistently liked for a little while, it’s Against Me! After first falling in love with them with their release New Wave, I started looking at their older material. It was around this time that I saw them live and their newest album White Crosses was released. While it was different then their […]

“Anarchy, My Dear” by Say Anything (Review)

I’ve honestly been sitting here all day thinking about how to start this post out, but I’ll just be blunt: …Is A Real Boy by Say Anything is a masterpiece and it’s probably one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s so crazy, but just the right amount of crazy, like the wheels are about to […]

That Damn Song: Guilty Pleasures and Pop Music

That damn song! Everyone has one. Everyone has a damn song. Know what it is? A “damn song” (/dam sôNG/) is a piece of over-commercialized, over-hyped, bubblegum pop that supersaturated the radio waves at their peak. Damn songs now thrive on YouTube and the soft rock stations your mom listens to. Put more simply, “damn […]

10 Hip-Hop Artist to Listen for in 2012

I am avid Hip Hop listener and have been for many years. In recent years the Hip-Hop community has taken L’s whether it be dancing tracks or how our most popular artist choose to act (Kanye West). Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of great Hip-Hop out there and I think Hip-Hop is great […]

“Bro, I’m Sorry, But Your iPod Sucks.”

One should never underestimate the power of the bromance. Bros are great. Bros are important. There’s a reason why it’s a popular trope in pop culture: Romeo and Mercutio, Kirk and Spock, Hiro and Ando, Sherlock and Watson, Shawn Michaels and Triple H, Han and Chewie, Batman and Robin, Goose and Maverick, Turk and J.D., […]

How Young is Too Young to Write a Love Song?

Full disclosure: I’m watching Disney Channel as I type this. I was searching for inspiration on what to write, and it showed up wearing cartoon-mouse ears. Currently playing is some program (of which I don’t know the name) that appears to be attempting to be Saturday Night Live for kids. So, pretty much, a lame […]

Watch With Me! Day 04: (500) Days of Summer

My dad’s roommate played World of Warcraft all day yesterday and used up most of the internet bandwidth, so I couldn’t get online. I felt like I was in 1997. Don’t make me go back… Last year I stumbled upon (500) Days of Summer. I honestly expected another run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, but I was pleasantly […]