The term “beat ’em up” originates from a genre of video games popular throughout the 1990’s. They were 2D side-scrollers that forced you to kung-fu your way past armies of thugs and enemies. The games themselves were inspired by the balls-to-the-wall Asian action movies that experience an enduring cult following world wide.

In September 2010, during my freshman year of college, I started the blog The Fanboy Federation. Terrible, I know. A year later of on and off writing I eventually turned it into The Fanboy Next Door and invited a bunch of my friends to contribute their thoughts on geek culture. After another long hiatus (still in school), I returned and reinvented the blog into Beat ‘Em Up, having grown weary of the copy-and-paste attitudes I found on other geek or nerd blogs. Everyone is a nerd now. It’s time to have some fun again, and it’s us against the world.

Beat ‘Em Up is an attitude. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a no-holds-barred approach to pop culture and entertainment. We love movies, video games, comic books, television, and everything mainstream and fringe. If pop culture is pop soda, consider us a glass of beer.

If you have any questions or comments, you can email us at beatemupblog@gmail.com.


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