My Songs Know What YOU Did In The Dark, or, Fall Out Boy’s Return

I’ll be fully honest. I enjoy Fall Out Boy. As someone who was staunchly against them way back in the days of their song “Dance, Dance”, this might come as a bit of a shock to my friends (I can hear them screaming “Traitor!” and “We trusted you!” now). Of course, this can be chalked up to a couple reasons:

1)      I HATE the song “Dance, Dance”.

2)      “Dance, Dance” is all the radio would play.

3)      Pete Wentz is the biggest tool bag in the entire Home Depot.

Seriously, fuck “Dance, Dance”.

While I do hate Wentz, he can write some fantastically good lyrics. His wordplay is currently unmatched in the scene (though many, many bands have tried). So when I heard that they reunited, I was kind of happy. I’d supported most of the post-Fall Out Boy bands, be it Patrick Stump’s (the singer) solo career or Andy Hurley (drums) and Joe Trohman (guitar)’s supergroup The Damned Things (with members of Every Time I Die and thrash metal gods fucking Anthrax). The one group I didn’t support was The Black Cards, Wentz’s electronic (?) group that, up until about six minutes ago, I was convinced never released any music.

The Black Cards was made up of Wentz, collaborator Spencer Peterson and a newly discovered singer named Bebe Rexha. Last year, it was announced that Bebe Rexha was no longer in the group and it seemed like that was the end of the Black Cards. Meanwhile, Stump released his much touted album Soul Punk to moderately nice reviews (65 out of 100 on Metacritic) and weak sales. Stump later posted a blog saying (in so few words) that all the criticism he received for Soul Punk and Fall Out Boy’s final release Folie a Deux had pretty much scared him off from performing again. Also, at the same time, The Damned Things released Ironiclast to the fanfare of almost nobody. Their tours didn’t really sell too well and neither did the album, so it’s been pretty silent on their end too.

Seems like the making of a Fall Out Boy reunion.

That’s why, after listening to the new song, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)” I came on a startling realization: this song wasn’t destined for Fall Out Boy.

Let’s dissect the song:

1)      The drums in the song are waaay to simple for somebody who has the fantastic hardcore-punk pedigree Hurley has, especially since the song uses handclaps for most of its beat

2)      The guitars in the song are waaay too simplistic (aside from the fret work Trohman puts in, it’s a pretty easy song, relying on the guitars like they’re orchestra hits)

3)      It’s a little repetitive, much like an electronic song would probably be

I’m pretty sure if at least the Black Cards had succeeded, we’d probably see this song in a different light. We’d probably hear this song as a song done by the Black Cards. But since that project and all the others didn’t do as well as the members hoped, they decided to cut their losses and put the song somewhere where they know it would be heard and enjoyed.


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