Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Villain You Deserve: Who should be the villain for “The Dark Knight Rises”?

Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who wants to be the one to fight the big, bad, bat? As you’ve probably heard pretty much everywhere, Christopher Nolan dropped some info on the next installment of his Batman trilogy. The first of which is the title, which will officially be “The Dark Knight Rises.” The other […]

The Pain Is Gone: Why I Think Brock Lesnar Will NOT Return To Pro Wrestling

Within the last 24 hours, the internet has been abuzz concerning Brock Lesnar’s loss to Cain, as well as his confrontation with the Undertaker that has left many people wondering. Is it staged? Or is it real? Are they trying to set something up? 411Mania as well as plenty of other internet sources have confirmed […]

“It’s Personal”: WWE’s Undertaker and UFC’s Brock Lesnar at UFC 121

So last night at UFC 121, Brock Lesnar fought Cain Velasquez in a losing effort. I didn’t see it because 1) I’m not a huge MMA fan, sorry, 2) I was coming home from my godfather’s birthday party and I was dead tired, and 3) Hooters was packed. But my cousin filled me in on […]

Wrestling Against Perceptions

I remember this one time during class in high school, first-period physics. I will never forget this scenario. A cute blond girl with blue eyes was talking to me and during our conversation she saw my black wristband and was curious as to what it was for.

I Wanna Take You For A Ride

The mere fact that I am writing this post just means so much to me. It’s been announced months ago, but I just feel like sharing. Let’s get one thing straight here — I generally suck at fighting games. Unless we’re playing Dead or Alive 4 or WWE SmackDown vs. RAW, chances are my ass […]