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Before Watchmen: Comedian Issue 1 review

Before Watchmen: Comedian issue 1, I think for many, was going to be the test of this prequel series. Comedian is arguably the fan favorite of the Watchmen universe, as well as being one of the most in depth and complex characters, helped by the fact that he was a member of both the Minutemen […]

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre Issue 1 review

After a solid first issue of Minutemen last week, I have been looking forward to see what Darwyn Cooke has in store for the Silk Specter, both Jr. and Sr. DC played it smart by having Silk Spectre as the second release, since the writer is the same. However, the artist Amanda Conner’s work is […]

And the Good Guy Will Prevail: The Oatmeal vs FunnyJunk

For the uneducated, The Oatmeal is an online webcomic run by Matthew Inman. You may have actually seen his work around the web. He’s got posts ranging from “What Your Email Says About You” to “Six Types of Crappy Hugs”. Inman’s comic and blog have gained notoriety over the web due to word-of-mouth, be it people passing along the links in emails […]

Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue 1 review

Well, the day is finally here. For all intents and purposes, “Watchmen 2” has arrived. Feels weird doesn’t it? This is a day that many people have feared, and a few people have been looking forward too. I would fit myself into the latter group, confident in DC that they wouldn’t screw up. They had […]