Listen To Wil Wheaton Eloquently Describe Why Being A Nerd Is Great

This made me stop writing my final paper and listen for four and a half minutes. While at a comic convention in Calgary, Wil Wheaton talked about why being a nerd is awesome, and he hit every single point that I’ve been trying to make for years.

My personal perceptions on the community have turned pessimistic lately. While some people like to champion that being a nerd is a cool thing now and that it’s much more acceptable, I argue that it’s not and that we may in fact be killing all the work our forefathers laid before us. Still, this warmed my heart and Wil Wheaton, I think, is the perfect guy to champion this perspective.

Being a nerd … is not about what you love. It’s how you love it.

I don’t care if your Chevy Camaro is decked out to look like Bumblebee from the Transformers movies, unless you actually love the Transformers you aren’t a nerd. Unless you actually love him and can tell me everything you can about him, I don’t want to see your chest tattooed with Superman’s logo. On the other hand, if you know everything about football, you live and breathe the sport, and dedicate much of your life to it to the point you have annoyed/potentially alienated everyone around you because you can virtually talk about nothing else, then congratulations. You’re a nerd.


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