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Free Time is a Cruel Mistress

Okay. Okay. Okay Goddamn it. I’ve been claiming that I’m going to write another article for this for about three weeks now and only NOW have I had any semblance of time to do so. The one thing I can remember from when I was younger (say, fourteen) is that I didn’t have much to do on the […]

Life After Death 2: Learning To Carry On From Mad Men’s “The Grown Ups”

Warning: Spoilers. Mad Men is an award-winning American television series about the fictional Manhattan-based advertising agency Sterling Cooper in the 1960’s. Created by Matthew Weiner, it is also why I didn’t leave my house during the winter break. I started watching the series over the summer when it was uploaded on Netflix and slowly but […]

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This post is really just for fun (thought they all are, just with varying degrees of seriousness). For as long as I remember, or at least since I started watch Power Rangers all those years ago, I have always wanted to create and be a part of a group of close friends. A kind of […]

Proof Satan Exists

Note: This entire post is meant for kicks and giggles and I’m totally not trying to bash anything you may *like,* but seriously, your taste sucks. Jenna Marbles is Youtube famous Apparently all you have to do to be funny anymore is be attractive and make a joke about being awkward, because our culture has […]

It’s Donating Time! Lisa J’s NO PINK SPANDEX Needs Your Help!

The Power Rangers fan-produced podcast No Pink Spandex needs your help! You know my story by heart already. Without Power Rangers, you probably wouldn’t have Eric the wondrous, witty boy wonder who provides you with some fine class blogging entertainment. You’re welcome. So when it’s time to give back, I do what I can.

That Damn Song: Guilty Pleasures and Pop Music

That damn song! Everyone has one. Everyone has a damn song. Know what it is? A “damn song” (/dam sôNG/) is a piece of over-commercialized, over-hyped, bubblegum pop that supersaturated the radio waves at their peak. Damn songs now thrive on YouTube and the soft rock stations your mom listens to. Put more simply, “damn […]


If you have a Facebook like most of the population, then odds are you’ve tried a Facebook game or two. I don’t know a single person under the age of 30 that if I asked them, “Do you know what FarmVille is?” who wouldn’t answer, “yes.” It really is an incredible market. With Facebook credits out now, Facebook has […]

Fantasy Warfare: The Dream Matches

What are your dream matches? The stage is set for WrestleMnia XXVIII. Miami will be the site where John Cena goes to war with The Rock, a match sure to go down in the history books. Will it be a wrestling classic? Maybe not, but as I’ve pointed out before, the name on the marquee […]

Single Behavior

If you are like me, then Sex and the City is the series you base your life dreams on. Oh, to some day be Carrie Bradshaw smoking cigarettes on a balcony in my crop top reflecting on my past with my Mr. Big… To me, a healthy relationship is one that distant at times. Any […]

Should I Watch “Green Lantern”? (And The Movies That Got Away)

Do you have a list of movies that you so badly wanted to see in theaters but some cosmic, coincidental happenstance caused you to deter from that path? My ever-building hype for this summer’s movie releases has made me recall these movies. Among them, last year’s Green Lantern.

My Generation of Mallrats

Check out our rags! Hahah There was a time when I ruled the nearby malls dressed to impressed, surrounded by close friends. We’d sit and shoot shit for hours every friday and saturday, and more frequently during the summer. My crew and the others at the time all had their assigned hangout spots, whether it be outside […]

10 Hip-Hop Artist to Listen for in 2012

I am avid Hip Hop listener and have been for many years. In recent years the Hip-Hop community has taken L’s whether it be dancing tracks or how our most popular artist choose to act (Kanye West). Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of great Hip-Hop out there and I think Hip-Hop is great […]

NBA Predictions.

I know it is late and the season is already about a week into the full swing, but I feel like I need to get my predictions out there. First off, I am just glad to have the NBA back. After all the bickering from both the owners and players I feel like this could […]

2012 In Video Games Part II: January

So, after much toiling over how to even attack the video gaming medium, I decided that I should do a post at the beginning of every month, and discuss the games going to be released that month (at least the big ones). Every now and then, an additional post will be created for a big […]

10 Women Hotter than Jennifer Aniston

I don’t know who is responsible for electing Jennifer Aniston as the most beautiful woman in the world last year, therefore I can’t protest. BUT! I can write a passive aggressive blog on the internet with a list of women who clearly beat out Jennifer Aniston. In other words, a list of women who make […]