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Transgender Dysphoria Blues: Tom Gabel and Against Me!

If there’s one band that I’ve consistently liked for a little while, it’s Against Me! After first falling in love with them with their release New Wave, I started looking at their older material. It was around this time that I saw them live and their newest album White Crosses was released. While it was different then their […]

Castle Invasian (aka The “Harold & Kumar” Essay I Got a 95 On)

The grade is totally not arbitrary and subject to the opinion of one college professor. Nope. Not at all.

Free Time is a Cruel Mistress

Okay. Okay. Okay Goddamn it. I’ve been claiming that I’m going to write another article for this for about three weeks now and only NOW have I had any semblance of time to do so. The one thing I can remember from when I was younger (say, fourteen) is that I didn’t have much to do on the […]

Life After Death 2: Learning To Carry On From Mad Men’s “The Grown Ups”

Warning: Spoilers. Mad Men is an award-winning American television series about the fictional Manhattan-based advertising agency Sterling Cooper in the 1960’s. Created by Matthew Weiner, it is also why I didn’t leave my house during the winter break. I started watching the series over the summer when it was uploaded on Netflix and slowly but […]

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This post is really just for fun (thought they all are, just with varying degrees of seriousness). For as long as I remember, or at least since I started watch Power Rangers all those years ago, I have always wanted to create and be a part of a group of close friends. A kind of […]

Proof Satan Exists

Note: This entire post is meant for kicks and giggles and I’m totally not trying to bash anything you may *like,* but seriously, your taste sucks. Jenna Marbles is Youtube famous Apparently all you have to do to be funny anymore is be attractive and make a joke about being awkward, because our culture has […]


If you have a Facebook like most of the population, then odds are you’ve tried a Facebook game or two. I don’t know a single person under the age of 30 that if I asked them, “Do you know what FarmVille is?” who wouldn’t answer, “yes.” It really is an incredible market. With Facebook credits out now, Facebook has […]

Single Behavior

If you are like me, then Sex and the City is the series you base your life dreams on. Oh, to some day be Carrie Bradshaw smoking cigarettes on a balcony in my crop top reflecting on my past with my Mr. Big… To me, a healthy relationship is one that distant at times. Any […]

My Generation of Mallrats

Check out our rags! Hahah There was a time when I ruled the nearby malls dressed to impressed, surrounded by close friends. We’d sit and shoot shit for hours every friday and saturday, and more frequently during the summer. My crew and the others at the time all had their assigned hangout spots, whether it be outside […]

Food Does Matter

(Original on I just finished watching the documentary FOOD MATTERS (available on Netflix), and am in awe at the alleged/proven power of vitamins and minerals. According to this documentary, the medical/pharmaceutical companies are in the business of selling drugs. Shocked? Although common sense, the consequences of this may not be apparent at first. If […]

“Hey bitch!”

The last time that I checked, “bitch” and “slut” were derogatory terms. Since when did they become terms of endearment for our gal pals?

My Mentor

I suppose that I’m a lucky one, having met my mentor the very first day of college, at orientation. At the college I attended for my first year, your adviser was assigned to you by degree, not by major. He was an Historian, I was a budding psychologist, and when combined, we were one power […]