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How Should WWE Developmental Really Be Changed?

Anyone who reads the “dirt sheets” knows that WWE has been and will be making changes to its developmental system. For starters, they are creating a “finishing school” in Connecticut nearby their headquarters. There will also be changes regarding NXT. “WWE will begin filming NXT episodes at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, reports […]

SMACKTalk Season 2 Episode 2!

Ari hosts this one on his own as Eric was busy with school work! Topics Include: Wade Barrett injury Chris Brown & CM Punk controversy RAW Recap Smackdown Recap Wrestlemania 28 and more!

SMACKTalk Season 2 Premier Episode

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that… FINALLY… SMACKTalk has come back to YouTube! The new series is planned to be filmed during the live, in-studio show, The Motley Experience. To listen in live, tune in Wednesdays from 4PM to 5PM on!

Let’s Go Cena! er, hold on….

Haven’t posted an article in quite some time, but I have found a few minutes to write something that has been bugging me for a bit. So all professional wrestling fans, whether hardcore or occasional viewer, is anticipating the upcoming battle between The Rock and John Cena. Most of the hardcore, or Internet Wrestling Community […]

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This post is really just for fun (thought they all are, just with varying degrees of seriousness). For as long as I remember, or at least since I started watch Power Rangers all those years ago, I have always wanted to create and be a part of a group of close friends. A kind of […]

Food Does Matter

(Original on I just finished watching the documentary FOOD MATTERS (available on Netflix), and am in awe at the alleged/proven power of vitamins and minerals. According to this documentary, the medical/pharmaceutical companies are in the business of selling drugs. Shocked? Although common sense, the consequences of this may not be apparent at first. If […]

The Struggles of a Pro-Wrestling Fan

**The original post was posted on (shameless self-promotion, I know).** I’d like to take some time to make my first real blog post about something I am truly passionate about. This something is pro-wrestling. Many of you will see the title of this post and simply scroll on. I can’t blame you. Pro-wrestling has a horrible […]