The Rock Unveils A New WWE Title And It Looks Like A Big Ring

The Rock unveiled a new WWE Championship title, finally (ha) retiring the spinner belt John Cena introduced seven years ago. I never thought something that was made to be “hip” and “cool” with spinners not too unlike those seen in an MTV show is now considered retro. The hell?

A friend of mine pointed out on Twitter that it looks like a big ring. It does, and that’s not really a bad thing. The NFL, the NBA, their championship “titles” are, in fact, rings. To echo that form of jewelry isn’t too far-fetched and not a bad idea at all.

What is a bad idea is the color palette. The belt is predominantly black and gold, a blown-out WWE logo in gold against nothing but the black leather strap. There isn’t enough color and no nameplate (!), but it’s something to stick by for the next eight years. It will grow on me. It’s just so close to being the perfect title, and yet just a little too far. Still, seven years was a long lifespan for a belt that stopped being cool in 2007 and I’m happy the WWE decided to move on.

I always found myself defending the spinner title. Maybe it’s the hip-hop fiend in me and the fact that I was only 13-years-old and thus the prime demographic for it when it debuted. The spinner belt had its good merits that were simply outweighed by the bad. And let’s keep in mind: There’s an entire generation of fans who were raised watching that belt on TV. Tonight, they’ve moved forward.

Oh, my. A replica is already available on WWE Shop. It was no speculation but the bull sideplates are definitely only for The Rock.


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