Mortal Kombat Legacy 2 Trailer Makes “Get Over Here” Memorable Again

DAMN. Kevin Tancharoen’s fanfic webseries Mortal Kombat Legacy will be coming back for a season two and the trailer dropped sometime yesterday night. Power Ranger nerds like me just shat themselves because Daniel motherfucking Southworth will be giving Kenshi the blind swordsman some justice. This ain’t Southworth’s first video game indie film rodeo either as he played Ryu in Thousand Pound’s Tekken vs. Street Fighter short last year. BTW, a literal video game indie film rodeo would be awesome. Interestingly, Southworth clashed knuckles with Mark Musashi in the Tekken short, who himself is also involved in Legacy II. In what capacity I don’t know, might just be a stuntman. Damn shame too, because his role as the silent butler in Garo was pretty great.

“Hello ladies, I’m Daniel Southworth. I’m sorry Ryan Gosling isn’t here right now. He’s too busy being knocked out. By me.”

The trailer does a pretty bang up (that means good, right?) job of making the webseries look like a full-length movie with a budget bigger than it probably actually has. I didn’t finish the first season of Legacy primarily due to lack of interest. Look, I’m glad Tancharoen got traction for his dream project to become reality. It’s a dream of any fanboy filmmaker, people like me, to make their mark on the property that made them learn to love. But Rebirth, the short that gave Legacy the greenlight, was only great the first time you watch if only for the novelty. Mortal Kombat gets a pass because it is arguably THE brutal and gory fantasy video game, it’s only foul that it came in the vomit-inducing colorful and cheery early 1990’s. But Mortal Kombat Rebirth further perpetuated the nauseating myth that a gritty reboot treatment is the only way for properties long forgotten by the public to win mainstream attention and validate their existence. From Power Rangers to Pokemon, Rebirth assured fanboys that yes, making such and such show “darker,” and “mature,” bullshit buzzwords used by overly zealous and horribly misguided devotees, is most definitely the way to go, bro. They fail(ed) to realize that Mortal Kombat can do it. Batman can do it. Digimon can’t.

The cast of “Mortal Kombat Legacy II.”

But I’ll be damned if season two doesn’t at least look good. “Get Over Here!” finally gets the trailer treatment it so properly deserves*. There’s a whole art to trailer making, and giving iconic lines or elements their “normal origin” as I like to put it is corny, it’s pandering to your audience, and it never gets old. Besides having some of my personal favorite characters of Mortal Kombat lore in the fight, season two looks to just be a lot of fun. Stryker? Ermac? The ever-popular Bruce Lee knockoff of the series Liu Kang? Kitana? Kung Lao? Fucking SCORPION? Sold! Fuck Raiden.

I stress that I didn’t finish watching Legacy season one, so I have no idea what happened to guys like Jax, played by MICHAEL FREAKING JAY FREAKING WHITE. SUPER bummed he’s not involved in season two, and neither is former Kamen Rider Matt Mullins, who played Johnny Cage last time. However, his replacement, Casper Van Dien, was a brother of my fraternity. Now that’s cool.



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