Someone Buy Me This God Damn Jurassic Park/Power Rangers Crossover T-Shirt

Someone buy this for me and I swear I will be your man bitch for a week.

The basis of websites like Ript Apparel is pretty great, limited edition t-shirts or other miscellaneous products for a reasonable price. That’s awesome, and I wish I were more aware of them before I stopped collecting novelty graphic t-shirts (that’s a thing people do, right?).

However, what’s been kind of annoying me lately are the designs. Less for the art, which are normally fantastic, and more for the reasoning behind them. The designs on limited-run websites like these have become nothing more than marginally clever mash-ups of two different pop culture properties. They were novel and clever at first, like the DeLoreon crashed onto the TARDIS which you’ll still see people wear at every convention. But now you can expect pretty much any two or more random properties to get mashed-up together, like Mortal Kombat and the movie Drive based solely around the idea of a scorpion. It’s all great art, just kind of a lazy premise. I’ll still come across something cool, like Doctor Who and Pulp Fiction but they’re getting fewer and farther between.

Still, I guess the appeal lies in if you really like the properties and for me, Jurassic Park and Power Rangers? Hell yes. Someone buy this for me before the clock strikes twelve midnight and I’ll do a huge favor for you. Even sexually.*


Source: Ript Apparel


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