Indiana Jones Could Have Survived The Nuke After All

One day critics will ease up on Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We can all still hate Shia LaBeouf but the movie itself wasn’t terrible. It got way more backlash than it deserved. I admit I never saw any Indiana Jones movie prior to Crystal Skull, because fuck you I was growing up on Star Wars. One of the biggest no-nos frequently cited was the seemingly ridiculous scene in the beginning of the film where Indy hides in a refrigerator to survive a nuclear blast.

The guys of Reel Physics ran the scene through a mathematical trial by fire that made me have recurring nightmares of my high school physics class. Although if I may say, I understood the formulas well enough. But those numbers? Eff those. Anyway, according to the dudes the only truly far-fetched moment in the scene was that the refrigerator gets blown past a car going 90 MPH and that the car was shown moving faster than the blast winds. Everything else? Plausible enough, including the fridge itself. The weight of it, calculated in the video, is what saves Indy.

Of course this isn’t totally infallible, there are still decent claims to believe Indy couldn’t have survived. But now at least there are some people stepping up to plate for the other side.

I can’t think of a good joke to cap off this post, so pretend I said something hilarious about Shia LaBeouf being an ass or something.

Source: The Escapist’s “Reel Physics”

P.S. If you still complain about aliens in a film franchise that contains things such as the freaking Holy Grail you need to stop watching movies for a while.


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