“The Shield” WWE Authentic Tee Fails To Impress

The Shield, WWE’s latest attempt to make factions cool again, finally got their own authentic t-shirt to wear to the ring today while they triple powerbomb some poor shmuck for the week. Despite how really cool these guys actually are and have been in the past few weeks, overcoming any early criticisms that they were “Nexus 2.0,” their t-shirt design flat out sucks.

Let’s face it, no other shirt will ever recapture the magic the nWo t-shirts had. I’m usually unforgiving when it comes to false nostalgia, but even over a decade later the nWo t-shirt design still holds up. It was simple, cool, and effective. I know that’s exactly what this shirt is trying to do, and I give WWE’s designers props for maintaining the principles of a cool wrestling shirt, i.e. not making it look like a wrestling shirt (except for the Authentic Wear tag). But its execution is poor. The literal shield looks like someone made it on Microsoft Paint.

Their slogan on the back is okay I guess. It will have to grow on me.

Source: WWE Shop.


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