My How The Game Has Changed

School is out for the summer so I sat down to do the same thing that I do every break: Play video games. One in particular that I’ve been playing for a long time is MapleStory. For those of you who don’t know, MapleStory is a MMORPG. (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game) In the game you start off by choosing not a race, but a class. Originally the game allowed you to be one of the typical RPG classes. (Warrior, Mage, Bowman, Thief) You played through and it became quickly apparent that there were going to be some serious grinding sprees that you would have to embark on due to lack of questing. The other thing that set MapleStory apart was its level cap. It was no where near that of most other RPG’s. MapleStory’s level cap is 200.

This is all fine and dandy, and for a while it was. As with every online game there were patches and expansions that brought new content and updated skill sets, but they did something wrong. In my humble opinion, horribly wrong

As I said the game started with the typical four classes, some questing and the general sense of the online community. Perfectly simple and although there were some players that thought it was a little too vanilla, I personally liked its simplicity. I enjoyed many of the patches and new content at first, but then things started to get out of hand.

They added a new class, (Pirate) which brought with it a whole new storyline to follow and a new zone to the game. AwesomePirates are badass. But comparing the Pirate class to the Thief class, you can easily see the similarities and it felt like “Thief 2.0” This made the game feel a little dull but again, we dealt with it.

The next expansion brought a new slew of classes but this time in the form of “Cygnus Knights.” They are essentially a supercharged version of the original (now) 5 classes, but you have to have a level 30 regular character and the Cygnus Knights can only level to 120 instead of 200. (Think Death Knight in WoW) Cool I guess? More story to play though, more zones, but soon we realize that the new zones we got was merely just a beginner area for the new classes. Not beneficial at all in any way for the old players. Oh well right? Forget it.

Then what came next? The “Hero” class. A new game mechanic?! Awesome! But the thing is, for those of us playing our original characters, there is nothing new to do. Not to mention overtime they expand the game, they “revamp” the old characters to make them equal with the new classes so that everything is equal. Getting to level 30 used to take at least a week or two. Now? Maybe two hours.

This all brings me to my point. Are games developers making the game industry too easy for the gamer because they are trying to market to a larger audience? The game is supposed to be difficult. An achievement is supposed to be just that. An ACHIEVEMENT. Not just, “DING” “Oh hey look at that, I did something….that’s cool. *scratch scratch*”

The reason I have a negative connotation is a tad out of spite. My younger brother for example is doing things that I worked my arse off for and doing it with ease because they made the game easy. That’s not cool man! It takes away from the feeling that we have done something. We have worked for something. A lot of online games go through the same thing. Change is a good thing sometimes but then again, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

To much of a good thing is a bad thing and I feel that some developers really need to watch how much content they throw out because the games will begin to feel to crowded. Not in the amount of players but the amount of NPC’s screaming, “HEY! I HAS QUEST 4 UUU!!!”


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