Free Time is a Cruel Mistress

Okay. Okay. Okay Goddamn it. I’ve been claiming that I’m going to write another article for this for about three weeks now and only NOW have I had any semblance of time to do so. The one thing I can remember from when I was younger (say, fourteen) is that I didn’t have much to do on the weekends. So, during the day, I would usually watch TV or play Gamecube (yes, I had a Gamecube and nothing else because I was a goddamn sheltered child).

If you understand what this meme is, you've met my mother.

But when I wasn’t doing that, I was bored off my rocker. Because of this (and before the glorious invention that is Netflix Instant), I’ve seen almost every episode of certain cartoons to where I can repeat the lines. Ed, Edd and Eddy especially.

Goddamn were those wonderful times. Looking back on it now, I’d kill for an hour of that free time. Which brings me to my current point. It always seems that you either have too much free time or not enough. And currently, I don’t have enough. Let’s break it down.

Thing One: School

I’m a college student. That immediately sends at least eighty hours of my week out of the window. And that’s if I’m deciding to be lazy and not really study. Which, while I do that a lot, is probably not the best of habits. I’m seriously fucking with my future here. But in this current semester, I have some of those teachers. You know the kind. The ones that feel like their class is the ONLY GODDAMN CLASS YOU’RE TAKING AND THEREFORE YOU CAN DEVOTE A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF TIME TO IT.


But being an Accounting/CIS double major with a concentration in Fraud and Forensics requires that I sink a substantial amount of time into my studies. So there goes a ton of free time out the window.

Thing Two: Work

And what pays those bills? A combination of a generous scholarship (suckers!), financial aid and the fact that I work a job. I work twenty hours a week as a security guard. Now, I’m not complaining, I literally get paid to sit on my ass for four hours a night, but it’s not like I can devote that time to relaxing. When I’m at work I’m either actively paying attention (as far as my bosses know, anyway) or doing what little homework I can. While I can get homework done, it’s just more free time out of the window with work.

Thing Three: A Social Life

I’m quite the introvert. I see myself spending more time playing Xbox than going to a house party. Mind you, I’ve been to a few, and they’re just not for me. But I do need to socialize, so there’s a lot of free time out of the window. I try to hang out with my best friends at least once a week (my best friends live back home while I go to college a little south of my hometown). That’s usually band practice day, but we’ll be getting that. On top of that, I recently started courting a wonderful girl. That’s a lot less free time. (I really don’t mind that, in all honesty, hell, I love spending time with her, but I’m trying to prove a point here so bear with me). So despite my self-claimed (and survey-supported) introvert status, I still need to socialize once in a while. And the more I’m with other people, the less me-time I have. So there goes more out of the window.

Thing Four: Managing a Band

And finally, this. I sing and play guitar for an up-and-coming local band by the name of CRASH THE BEAR. I have one day a week for band practice, but that doesn’t mean I’m not busy doing other stuff band-related. We just recorded and EP, so now I have to worry about the following: copyrighting songs, copyrighting lyrics, album artwork, album pressing, and liner notes. And that’s on top of what I already did for the band: write lyrics, write riffs, book shows, promote us. Luckily, my band mates also do the same, but that still doesn’t mean I don’t. And I’m the type of guy who really wants his band to make it and I’m willing to put in the hours needed to Goddamn it. So if that means less free time, then so be it. It’ll be worth it in the long run. And even if we never get big, at least I can say I gave it my all.

Let me sum up this by saying the following: I am a man who likes to keep busy. But I also like the occasional day off when I do nothing but what Netflix in my pajama pants (if I’m feeling fancy) or boxers (if I’m not) and eating bad food. Thanks to an amalgamation of the above, I’m not going to be able to have one of those days for at least a couple months. And that is going to make me go crazy.

Insane enough to turn into a purple, cartoon unicorn? Stay tuned...

But I guess what I’m trying to say about all of this is that free time is a fickle bitch: you either have way too much of it where you’re bored out of your skull, or so little of it that you have to ration it like it’s wartime. We all need a little time to ourselves every once in a while, but seriously, fuck free time.


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