League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This post is really just for fun (thought they all are, just with varying degrees of seriousness).

For as long as I remember, or at least since I started watch Power Rangers all those years ago, I have always wanted to create and be a part of a group of close friends. A kind of “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, if you will.

It may be because it is part of human nature to identify ourselves with a particular group of people. However, I have had this strong desire to be a part of something bigger than myself for quite some time.

The following is basically what I’m looking for:

  • Group of close friends who look out for each other
  • Wear suits when we go out because that way we will look AWESOME
  • Have a cool name, “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” isn’t original but it works
  • Have a common goal, whether it be world domination, or perhaps something more like a mafia without all the killing. By this I mean, members of the group strive to take major roles in the industry of their choosing. For example, perhaps I would become very successful and hold a decent amount of power in the business world/acting/etc while another member would do the same in the entertainment industry, restaurant industry, politics, economics, etc, etc.
  • Have headquarters in a cool building in the city

Basically, we combine all our skills to better humanity in any way we can… Or we use our skills to make ourselves filthy rich and powerful.

(Examples that come to mind are Ocean’s 13, Justice League, etc, etc (I can’t think of any group less cartoony right now))

Either way, I have always wanted to be a part of a team, a group of friends that did more than just school work or videogames. A group that would do something productive. To grow to the extent that when people heard you were a member of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, they would be in awe. Name recognition!

Just thought I’d write down this idea of mine, see how many others are interested in the same thing. Let the fun discussions begin!


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