It’s Donating Time! Lisa J’s NO PINK SPANDEX Needs Your Help!

The Power Rangers fan-produced podcast No Pink Spandex needs your help!

You know my story by heart already. Without Power Rangers, you probably wouldn’t have Eric the wondrous, witty boy wonder who provides you with some fine class blogging entertainment. You’re welcome. So when it’s time to give back, I do what I can.

I’ve had the pleasure of making plenty of close friends within the Power Rangers fandom, and yes it is totally a thing that does exist. I have plenty of cherished memories from the weekends I’ve spent in Los Angeles or New York, hanging out with fans and professionals alike, who all had Power Rangers of all things in common.

One of these friends was a New York gal named Lisa J, who managed to kick ass last year by attaining mainstream status with this controversial interview with David Yost that found its way on Perez Hilton.

I remember riding a tour bus in Los Angeles and checking Twitter on my phone to see “Azul Ranger” trending worldwide.

Months later, I worked with Lisa organizing the first-ever live No Pink Spandex podcast in Manhattan, where David Yost was the special guest. Autographs were signed, dinner was had, and it was a good time all around.

Lisa gave me a chance to work when, at a time, I didn’t have many options. Even though I was a freshman, I was knocking on doors and was ignored left and right. Lisa opened up her staff to allow me to work, and I still can”t thank her enough for it.

And right now, No Pink Spandex is in trouble.

What is No Pink Spandex?

Established in 2005, No Pink Spandex is a podcast dedicated to all things Power Rangers and gives the small but dedicated community of fans exclusive interviews with the actors, producers, writers, and staff.

In order for the show to continue, a total of $7,000 is needed for necessary equipment. I’m shining the Ranger-signal and calling all you rich, nerdy peeps with cash to burn to help out a friend a need.

Where do I donate?

You can donate to NPS HERE! and visit the website HERE! The podcast, the bread and butter of No Pink Spandex, is available for download on iTunes.

In April 27-28 of 2012, No Pink Spandex Live! will continue for the second year, this time featuring Jason David Frank as its special guest host. That’s right: It’s TOMMAY! You can register for the event here.


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