Fantasy Warfare: The Dream Matches

What are your dream matches?

The stage is set for WrestleMnia XXVIII. Miami will be the site where John Cena goes to war with The Rock, a match sure to go down in the history books. Will it be a wrestling classic? Maybe not, but as I’ve pointed out before, the name on the marquee is sometimes all that matters. I remember lying in bed watching the two shake hands thinking to myself, “Wow, in one year. It’s going to happen.” Fast forward and now we’re less than two weeks in 2012. April 1 is coming fast.

I couldn’t help but think of other potential dream matches. Matches that far exceed competition or entertainment. These are the matches where worlds collide. Where time stands still. Pins drop. Where the crowd is in a hushed silence before finally exploding in a nuclear roar.

Aristidis and I present to you our dream matches in professional wrestling. Could they happen? Never say never.

Aristidis’ Dream Matches

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles These two have similar styles (no pun intended) and would clash beautifully. In my opinion, given a big enough stage (WrestleMania?), these two could have a classic match. I do not want  to overhype Styles too much, but I feel a confrontation between these two would resemble the match Jericho had with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania a few years ago.

Sheamus vs. Batista Two big guys who are pretty solid in the ring. Even though Seamus seems to have the office behind him, I still don’t think he has been given quite the push that Batista did starting back in 2005. Sheamus was WWE Champion but, although he looked the part of a menacing title holder, he was not too believeable because he had only been on RAW for about 2 months and, as a heel, wasn’t credible enough to fans in terms of his work inside the ring. Build Sheamus up to be the destructive monster he should be, I say! He would be perfectly suited for taking Batista’s old place as the resident face who seems indestructible.
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena I know we have seen this match-up already in the past, however I think it would be interesting to see it now since Cena has become Superman and solidified his place in the main event and as the face of the WWE. Before any Cena-haters start hating on me, I want everyone to know I respect John Cena. Has his character and moveset become a little stale over the past few years? Definitely. However, he is not without talent as many would say. As I usually do when Cena is attacked, just look at his debut match with Angle, or his matches with HBK. As for Lesnar, he is a beast.
Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock It never happened, somehow. Two of the top performers EVER battling it out would have been awesome. I say would have been because, The Rock (now, or when he was active) vs HBK would have been truly believable when HBK was in his prime, or when he came back (2002-2007ish). The current Shawn Michaels, though I’m sure still has it, simply wouldn’t make a believable opponent for a jacked up Rock. If the WWE were to do this, they’d have to be very smart in how they use HBK as an underdog, etc.
Eric James’ Dream Matches
John Cena vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi New Japan and the WWE used to have a working relationship. With Vince’s relentless attempt to separate his product from “wrestling,” their partnership discontinued. Now, I would love nothing more than for the two companies to reestablish their inter-promotional rivalry by having their company faces square off in the squared circle. I don’t see the match doing big numbers on American soil, but I imagine it could go well on the annual January 4 Tokyo Dome show. Will it happen? Super slim to none. Will the match be a wrestling classic? Probably not. But would it be entertaining? In my opinion, absolutely.
The Rock vs. CM Punk Everyone and their mother wants CM Punk vs. Steve Austin. The Rock and John Cena, short of one of them dying, knock on wood, is going to happen come April 1st. But what of a switcheroo? John Cena and Steve Austin have had their share of moments, so why not Punk and Rock? Hehehe, “punk rock.” Punk tore “Dwayne” a new one in the famous June shoot and several other segments, and Rock responded on Twitter… but nothing really came out of it. I’m sure they confronted behind the scenes (although according to CM Punk, not), but on camera it’s been avoided to keep the spotlight on Cena and Rock. But what would happen if you get the best in the world, who turns the microphone into a fourth wall-breaking pipebomb, one-on-one with the great one? Who is the true people’s champion? It would be total anarchy. And I’d love every minute of it.
Triple H vs. Samoa Joe I have never heard of anyone talk about this match, and yet I genuinely think there is a potentially beautiful contest to be had here. You know, in a perfect world. Although Steve Austin made his support for Joe in the WWE publicly known, Joe unfortunately doesn’t fit Vince’s hegemonic mold. So getting to the WWE is a hard-hitting match-up all on its own. Convincing the office to pair him against Triple H in a pay-per-view match? Coupled with Triple H’s notorious backstage attitude, of all the matches listed here this is definitely the most far out.  Plus, Triple H isn’t getting any younger and wrestled only a handful of matches in 2011. But just think, Samoa Joe at his unrestricted best versus Triple H in his prime. It’s monster versus assassin. Destruction would be inevitable.
The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Air Boom I want everyone to forget how lackluster the pairing of Kofi and Evan has actually been and think about them at their best. Kofi has delivered some excellent, well-paced matches and you all loved Evan back when he was Matt Sydal. The Motor City Machine Guns are, bar none, one of the greatest tag teams in pro wrestling today. When they’re not injured. I think the two teams could create pure art in a no-nonsense tag-team match. Is Air Boom the greatest tag team in the world? Absolutely not. But individually, the two are great and I’m still willing to watch their matches hoping something good comes out of it. Because every time I do, I just think how great they would be when they’re pitted against the sickest, high-flying tag-team in wrestling today, the Motor City Machine Guns. When they’re not injured.
Enough blabbering from us. Share with us below: What are your dream matches in pro wrestling?

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