Single Behavior

If you are like me, then Sex and the City is the series you base your life dreams on. Oh, to some day be Carrie Bradshaw smoking cigarettes on a balcony in my crop top reflecting on my past with my Mr. Big…

Sorry Carrie, but some of your outfits really are a big WTF

To me, a healthy relationship is one that distant at times. Any marriage counselor will tell you the time away from your spouse is a key to a happy (and successful) partnership. As much as you enjoy your time together, spending too much time together will eventually becoming tiring and soon you begin to crave your single behavior.

Single behavior is what Carrie Bradshaw defines as the quirky habits or hobbies we enjoy to do when we are alone. Alas, when someone comes into our personal bubble we feel conflicted. Our single behaviors are something that cannot be shared with, because it loses its zen when others are involved. For myself, my single behavior consists of brewing coffee and cutting out photographs and snippets from Vogue magazine. I also enjoy blasting classical music and sketching.

When I’m around others, doing these things lack their luster. They aren’t so fun because I become self conscious. It is my single behavior. Perhaps it is not so quirky, but I admit to also dancing to Spanish music in my room when I’m home alone. And yes, my mom has unintentionally walked in on me attempting the salsa numerous times. I’m sorry/not sorry.

Do you find yourself having “secretive” behaviors or habits? I promise, I won’t tell your (future) partner!



  1. Similar to your salsa dancing, I’ll listen to entrance music of pro wrestlers and imitate their movements. I will not disclose how many times I’ve done the Dolph Ziggler hair slick. And I will never do these in front of my opposite.

    I agree it’s perfectly healthy to have little quirks of your own that you only do *on your own.* In my opinion, they help retain a sense of your identity, a piece of you that is you and you alone. I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of it (if anyone reading this is thinking that).

    1. I agree, these things make us human!

    2. I do the hair slick every time I get out of the shower….
      Being that I live on my own, I usually imitate entrances at some point or another on a daily basis…

  2. Blasting metal and air drums… nuff said

  3. I’ve just been made fun of for cuddling with a pillow when I sleep… I’ve been doing it since I was a kid… It’s comfy….

    1. Can’t blame you

  4. As a kid I used to dance in front of the mirror and sing into a hairbrush while music was playing. I don’t do it anymore because my brother caught me in the act and asked me: What the hell are you doing?”

    Now my single behavior is making Sex Ed powerpoints and painting.

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