Should I Watch “Green Lantern”? (And The Movies That Got Away)

Do you have a list of movies that you so badly wanted to see in theaters but some cosmic, coincidental happenstance caused you to deter from that path? My ever-building hype for this summer’s movie releases has made me recall these movies.

Among them, last year’s Green Lantern.

In the summer of 2010, the hype was at an all-time high. The movie had a heavy presence at the San Diego Comic-Con, including this adorable “Aww” moment. I ran a superhero sci-fi/action blog on Tumblr that summer, and so of course I flooded the blog with Green Lantern pictures, clips, promo stills, whatever was released and I could get my hands on. I was genuinely excited for the movie, as I love the Green Lantern character as much as the next guy.

Flash forward to June 2011, and the weekend it comes out I get sick with a stomach flu. By Monday morning I’m looking at not only a terrible rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but general apathy from even the most hardcore Lantern fans I know. Still bitter that I spent my money on Sucker Punch earlier that year, I decided in the best interest of my wallet to just skip the movie.

So now I ask the question: Should I still watch Green Lantern? A part of me would like to. And I honestly believe I should see things for myself to really judge. It’s ignorant to just hate something without watching, listening, or reading it. I was just like everyone else, begging for a Green Lantern movie and now there actually is one! With Ryan Reynolds, of all people! I loved him in Two Guys & a Girl!

Other movies that I really hyped myself into seeing but didn’t include X-Men: First Class, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Informant!, Serenity, and Cloverfield. Things just happened when I tried to see them in theaters. Some of these I’ve now seen on DVD, others are still left unwatched.

I’m currently waiting for Green Lantern to show up on Netflix but I feel like I should just get it over with. I’ve seen it for as much as $10 at Walmart and I could always use some of my Best Buy discounts. And as I wish to be in the business, I absolutely refuse to pirate movies. But should I even bother? There are also some movies that are just so terrible, so needless, that watching them can be deemed unnecessary. I’m in no rush. But I do want to be informed.

Have you seen Green Lantern? If so, tell me below: Should I bother watching it? Or should I skip it?

Most importantly, have you ever wanted to watch a movie, missed its opening weekend, and still didn’t see it? What were your movies that got away?



  1. I wanted ro see it but I never even heard of green lantern prior to the promos and the plot looked dumb and i cant take Ryan Reynolds seriosly at all cuz he tries to fuck a 17 year old in Waiting omg

    1. For real? Damn! I’ve never seen Waiting. I’ve been told it scares you from dining out at restaurants.

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