10 Hip-Hop Artist to Listen for in 2012

I am avid Hip Hop listener and have been for many years. In recent years the Hip-Hop community has taken L’s whether it be dancing tracks or how our most popular artist choose to act (Kanye West). Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of great Hip-Hop out there and I think Hip-Hop is great right now. It isn’t the 1990’s, but there are plenty of lyrical underground and mainstream guys who can rock. So in honor of the New Year I will be compiling lists that have to do with my 3 main obsessions. Today is Hip-Hop. Later is Basketball. My main favorite and the best of all of them, Film, will be the last one I do. So here are my 10 to watch for:

10. Chip tha Ripper

Chip has been around for a minute, but is new to many. He has a smooth raspy flow and is someone to chill too. I first heard him on Kid Cudi’s Hyyer and I think he is just a solid dude to listen too.

9. Casey Veggies

Not really that lyrical, but is very chill and very smooth to listen to.

8. Schoolboy Q

He is kind of rough, but he is very good.

7. Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire

He is the first rapper and he has a monster verse. If he was popular he would be today’s ODB mixed with Raekwon in a way.

6. Danny Brown

This guy is my personal favorite and he is a boss. He is weird looking and has a bunch of voices. My dude called him male Nicki Minaj, but that is false. He is just crazy. Danny Brown is 6th because if he were higher it would be a homer pick.

5. Phil Ade


He has a 90’s Hip-Hop feel to him. I love the 90’s.

4. Legit

Legit came out of nowhere for me, but this video was great. I really dug his mixtape and I’m looking forward to more from this Chicago MC.

3. Earl Sweatshirt

Is Earl Sweatshirt in America? Is he coming back this year? Will he continue to rap? Is he the artist that I am anticipating the most in 2012? Yes to the last one and hopefully yes to everything else. He is the first rapper by the way. The bestin OFWGKTA

2. A$AP Rocky

People love A$AP Rocky. I don’t understand him all that much, but I appreciate his music. He sounds like he is from Houston, but he is from Harlem. He is a solid guy with very spacey sounding music. He should be dropping something this year.

1. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is probably the best new talent out. He has the desire to think deep like Tupac, the lyrical ability of Nas and an unbelievable flow. I hope when his album comes out he is not out into the conscience rapper box.


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