NBA Predictions.

I know it is late and the season is already about a week into the full swing, but I feel like I need to get my predictions out there. First off, I am just glad to have the NBA back. After all the bickering from both the owners and players I feel like this could be one of the most explosive seasons yet. I previously made a preseason prediction list, but I can’t help factoring in this first weeks of the NBA. It is early and I could be wrong, but this is how it is going to go:

MVP: Kevin Durant. KD is a player that I expect to become an all around monster this year. He has the desire to add blocking and passing to his game and I expect he will put up at least 4 apg this season. Kevin Durant is an absolute basketball fanatic and would play basketball if it were an everyday profession and his love for the game will shine through in this 66 game season. KD will take home the MVP hardware and is going to carry his young Thunder team to the first seed in the Western Conference.

Defensive Player: Dwight Howard. It is kind of unfair that this Dwight Howard even exists. He can easily take this award home for the next 3 seasons.

Rookie of the Year: Kyrie Irving. So Kyrie has barely played in college and he does not have the athleticism to be a Derrick Rose, Russel Westbrook or John Wall. This draft also looks to be the weakest draft in recent years and many analyst consider this draft to be a bust. If this were any other year Kyrie would probably go 3rd. This is the perfect situation for Kyrie. Kyrie is on my Cavaliers and will be coached and mentored by a point guard coach in Byron Scott and will get all the opportunity he needs to shine on the rebuilding team. He has the tools of a true point guard and can shoot the ball. He will be fine.

Most Improved: OJ Mayo. I am banking on OJ getting traded and getting a chance to start somewhere. At that moment he should rise in every statistical category and show that he is a quality 2 guard that only has Eric Gordon and James Harden in front of him from a potential standpoint.

6th Man: James Harden. James Harden is the 3rd most reliable scorer on OKC and may be the best passer. He provides instant scoring of the bench and is fearless. He is a part of OKC’s big 3 and has the potential to be Ginobli-esque at a very young age in his career.

Coach of the Year: Eric Spoelstra. No one wants to hear how good the Heat are going to be this year or how coach Spo is going to adequately manage all these egomaniac stars he has. No one wants to hear that the Heat are the front runners for the Championship and that LBJ may take his 1st ring. As a Cavaliers fan I refuse to praise the Miami Heat.

All NBA 1st Team: Guards, Rose and Wade. Forwards, James and Durant. Center, Howard.

All NBA 2nd Team: Guards, Westbrook and Bryant. Forwards, Anthony and Nowitzki. Centet, Bynum.

All NBA 3rd Team: Guards, Paul and Rondo. Forwards, Love and Griffin. Center, Horford.

There you have it. I have knocked out some of the major awards and I will refresh my list during all-star weekend. See you later.


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