Disney Channel Makes a Joke About Eating Disorders and I’m Not Laughing.

Although I’ve never personally been a fan of Demi Lovato’s music/career, I give her much deserved credit for criticizing Disney after making an eating disorder joke in their latest show, Shake It Up via Twitter. The scene can be found here:

And you can find Demi Lovato’s tweets here.

Demi’s tweets pretty much sum up everything that I want to say to Disney right now. Having developed disordered eating patterns back in August 2011, I find the attacks personally offensive. There is nothing glamorous about eating disorders. It is not something someone chooses and it’s certainly not a trend that girls (and boys) develop to be more “Chanel.”

This is not something that only eating disordered should be concerned about. What kind of message are we transcending to kids? Not only does this promote eating disorders, but this also tells people that it is okay to make fun of those with a mental disorder. It tells kids that what’s the outside is more important than what is on the inside.

I think it’s safe to say that when eating disorders are the punchline to a joke, they are not funny.

How does this page have 10,000+ likes?!



  1. I think it’s kinda efed up too, especially considering Demi is a Disney kid! My simply adding the word “Meat” to her comment all could have been squashed.


  2. I personally don’t see it as anything too offensive, though I can see why others may.
    I don’t believe Disney’s intent was to glamorize not eating in any way.
    I saw this as them making fun of models, or the modeling industry.
    Now, should this be on Disney programming? Probably not.

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