10 Women Hotter than Jennifer Aniston

I don’t know who is responsible for electing Jennifer Aniston as the most beautiful woman in the world last year, therefore I can’t protest. BUT! I can write a passive aggressive blog on the internet with a list of women who clearly beat out Jennifer Aniston. In other words, a list of women who make me question my heterosexuality.

Eric James' Note: "Horrible Bosses" is why.

  1. Marilyn Monroe (duh.)
    There will be no discussing this.
  2. Zooey Deschanel
    Finally an alternative girl in Hollywood.
  3. Sophia Loren
    That waist. I’m dying.
  4. Elizabeth Taylor
    I hate life.
  5. Christina Hendricks
  6. Kat Dennings
    Beautiful, alternative, and hilarious. Check her out on Youtube.
  7. Bettie Page
    She was the Sasha Gray for our grandfather’s generation.
    That’s really awkward to think about.
  8. Regina Spektor
    Listen to “Samson” by her and you will fall in love. Her voice just gets me every time.
  9. Penelope Cruz

    Sorry for the lack of exotic women on this list. Penelope Cruz is just stunning.
  10. The Little Mermaid (Let’s fact it… she was a hottie)

    She made red hair hot in the 90s.

There you have it America, 10 women hotter than Jennifer Aniston.

I’m gonna go cry over my genetics and eat a tub of ice cream now.



  1. I’m a guy so of course I’ll say yes to all of these (except Ariel. Belle FTW!). But I also agree with the reasons. I explained previously that I loved Zooey’s different approach to promoting a women’s sexuality. I do think Christina Hendricks is *the* most stunning woman on television today. No once can match her in my eyes.

    My list does differ, I’m just much too tired right now to type it. In short, no Ariel (yes, I know you were joking (were you?)), yes to Rashida Jones, Elizabeth Banks, and Tina Fey.

    1. Rashida Jones, I agree with. Tina Fey I also agree with, but mostly for her humor. If not for her personality, I wouldn’t find her eye-catching. Beautiful in her own way, but not rememberable. Elizabeth Banks? Eh, not a fan.

    2. Trish. Stratus.

      1. Trish Stratus is hot. I totally agree. But, in my opinion, someone trumps her: Maria Kanellis. Dear LORD.

  2. I don’t have a list per se, but I really really like Sofia Vergara. And I know Kim Kardashian’s not particularly famous for anything talent related, but I have the biggest girl crush on her for some odd reason.

    1. Kim Kardashian… as much as I hate everything that she stands for… I admit, was a consideration for the list.

      1. I used to think she was pretty, but I’ve concluded that she’s scary looking.
        I respect your oppinion, however, I’m really curious to see her without makeup.

  3. I think what swayed the votes to Aniston’s favor was Horrible Bosses. I admit, Aniston in that movie? DAY. UM.

  4. You forgot Audrey Tautou and Fran Drescher

    1. Audrey? Yes. Fran Drescher? I love “The Nanny” and she does have her own appeal, but I don’t dig it as much. Just a personal thing.

  5. penelope cruz is hotter than them all

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