“Hey bitch!”

The last time that I checked, “bitch” and “slut” were derogatory terms. Since when did they become terms of endearment for our gal pals?

I know that the girls who talk like that are normally the ones that watch the Jersey Shore, wear Juicy Couture track suits, and bathe in Victoria’s Secret perfume, but I just can’t find it okay, ever. It just makes guys think it’s okay for them to call girls sluts and bitches.

And making that okay means it makes this okay...

The only time I’ve ever called my best girl friends a whore or a slut is when I am making fun of the girls who use those words as nicknames for their friends. My close girl friends are not the kinds that would enjoy to be greeted with an insult, so it has just never been something I’ve been “into” I suppose.

Or maybe it’s just some new wave feminist attempt to reclaim the derogatory terms that men use to oppress women who are not conforming to traditional gender roles. But still, if a guy were to turn around and call their girl friends bitches and whores, it would be verbal abuse. It wouldn’t be okay. The girl would probably throw a fit, so why does that make it okay for another girl to say? Is it, like the “N” word, something only okay to say for a certain culture?



  1. Love the last sentence. Loved the whole thing, but the last sentence was priceless.

    1. Hahahaha!

      Words and their meanings do change over time. Believe it or not, “yawn” used to be a dirty word akin to “suck” or “blow.” It’s very much possible for people to “take back” a word’s previously derogatory history. It’s just important to note that the history isn’t erased.

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