“Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters” Website Launched, Let The Hype Begin!

Earlier this week the official website for the 2012 Super Sentai, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, launched and it dropped a slew of new info about the show. Let the hype officially begin! And no, I can’t think of any good Ghostbusters jokes, or anything relating to shredding scripts.

I'm sorry Mr. Aykroyd.

Here’s a summary of the show as described by the leaked toy catalogs. Big ups to JEFusion for translating:

“A long time ago, among moutains far from any civilization, there was a center researching on human innovation. One day, the main computer of the research became malicious and went berserk. Humanity managed to stop this, and peace came back…or so it seemed.

Humans, now in peace, predicting that their enemy could go berserk and attack another time, decided to build giant robots and machine, and trained chosen warriors to fight against it. Finally, this day has come. The name of the team formed to fight against the enemy is Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters! Now their battle begin.”

My initial reaction is pretty positive. As much as I love Gokaiger, it’s kind of nice to revert back to a stand-alone Sentai series. Although no Sentai series is truly “stand alone” (the Go-Busters will be making a cameo in the upcoming Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan flick, another movie I’m psyched to see), to be able to focus on one group and not potentially miss a reference (I didn’t pick up the mother and child in the Timeranger tribute episode) is nice after this year.

The show’s primary motif is described as “spy-action” and that theme is echoed in their appearance and weaponry. First, just check out the threads on these new Rangers. It’s frakkin’ dope.

I’m absolutely digging the spy motif. Goranger was about the first and only time such a motif was visited, and although it was a different time, one look at Goranger and you wouldn’t imagine “spies.” Check out the shades on the helmets. I personally think that’s the most defining feature of these outfits. Love the backpack straps too.

Not much known is about the Rangers themselves but their individual physical traits sound pretty interesting. Red Buster is the fastest, Yellow Buster excels in hand-to-hand combat at jumps, and Blue Buster is the strongest-…

Blue Buster? There’s enough material there. Someone clever enough could do it. And immature.

Fortunately, I'm 12.

But as awesome as the suits are, I am a little disappointed at the description of the show. I honestly don’t see how an espionage-looking team of Rangers fit into the story. More information translated by JEFusion:

“The stages for their battle are the Earth, and another world that looks just like Japan. Events that happened 13 years ago are where the story starts. 13 years ago, a Bug-like Program was created accidentally, and began to run wild on the Energy Administration Bureau office’s Main Computer. Somehow, the building is transported to another dimension.

As a by-product of the battle, man obtains the mysterious energy known as “Vaam”. 13 years later, in the present time, Vaam has become an indispensable energy source. The bug program, from another dimension, once again begins its invasion of Earth.

The ones who can stand against it are those three children who escaped from the Energy Management office building 13 years ago. Acting together with their BuddyRoids, they have obtained specific abilities beyond what normal humans can do! They are the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters!”

I’m not going to pass ultimate judgement before I see it, but only from what I’m reading it’s kind of odd for a spy theme. There’s like forty years of James Bond myth and four Tom Cruise movies to mercilessly copy off of that are a better fit than… aliens? I think?

Another aspect I can’t say I’m excited over are the partner robots. Similar to Go-onger, every Ranger is paired with an animal-like robot that assists them in their battles. And they have personalities. Again, I won’t judge it until I actually see it, but Go-onger really left a sour taste in my mouth and these partner bots echo that unpleasantness.  But who knows, the show hasn’t aired yet and it could work well, like Kamen Rider Den-O.

I miss these guys.

But these concerns are minor. Perhaps I’m most excited by the spy-motif because it has led to some pretty kick-ass and imaginative weaponry.

A sword that doubles as binoculars (the SouganBlade)? Laser guns that also function as a camera (the IchiganBuster)? These are some of the most innovative gadgets I’ve seen in a tokusatsu program. Although as a side-effect they may give stalkers ideas.

Most awesome that I think the Morphin’ Brace. Not since 2003’s Abaranger have the core team utilized wrist morphers. It’s old-school Sentai being used again in the new year, and I completely dig it. Well, that, or I’ve just grown so incredibly fed up with cell phone changers. Even Magiranger, a mystical-themed Sentai, used cell phones. I still think that was so absurd I’m willing to give Power Rangers Mystic Force credit for cleverly subverting the ridiculousness.

But what I think people will lose their shit over the most is that the changer is called the Morphin’ Brace. Morphin’ Brace. Is that not familiar? And awesome? It could just be coincidence but “morph” is a bit of an odd term for a spy-themed action show. Could it be a nod to Power Rangers? There have only been a few outstanding nods to us western folk throughout the years: Ban’s use of Jack’s Battlizer in the Magiranger/Dekaranger team-up and the “wheel grinds” (Power Rangers RPM) Gokaiger used in an early episode where they were powered-up as Go-onger. To further add to that, the henshin call for the Go-Busters will be “Let’s Morphin!”

Try watching that without a smile on your face. Oh, just me?

More reason to be excited for 2012 is that Yasuko Kobayashi is the head screenwriter for the show. She’s written some of my favorite tokusatsu series, including Kamen Rider Ryuki and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, which she currently gets credit for almost every episode of Power Rangers Samurai (although that may be because they’ve mercilessly copied off of her it’s potential legal trouble if they don’t… and I think that’s hilarious).

Although Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade was really, really, really boring. And Shinkenger: The Fateful War is barely a movie. So Kobayashi isn’t flawless and has had her missteps.

God, I wish Bill Murray shredded those scripts too.

2012 is going to be fun.

Tokumei Sentai Gobusters Official Website


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