A Trip Down Memory Lane: What Was Your First Screenname?

When AOL was the new “it” thing, I was in the second grade. Little did I know that my life would become so dependent on one of these machines when I sat down across the computer monitor for the first time. My mom and my brother sat beside me, informing me of where and what I could browse on in my little homepage. I was on the Kids settings, so my page was protected from pretty much everything.

But before I could move any further, I had to make a screenname. All that needs to be said about myself in as little amount of characters as possible. My eight year old brain was short-circuiting. How could I possibly sum myself up in just 16 characters or less?!

I ended up choosing the first one my mom thought up: Rugrats901.

Oh, to be a child in the 1990s…

As I became more tech savvy, I started to fiddle with my screenname almost weekly. But, by no means did my screennames improve cleverly or originally. Here’s a list of a few other screennames I shudder to think I came up with for myself in the past:

  • Fritzygirl19
  • Rocketpower901
  • AlLsTaRkId215 (Yes, I was one of those assholes who typed like that thinking it was ~cool~)
  • GoInGgOnE25
  • Sm00thkriminal
  • xLoVesxSuIcIdEx (I had a “mall punk” phase.)
  • Polishbrunette16
  • Ridethewindx (I also had an 80s hair band phase.)

Fortunately AIM is dead, and my usernames nowadays I will usually just adopt variations of my full name, but I still can’t help but laugh at some of those stupid screennames I thought were so hip and fun back in the day.

What are some screennames that you had in the past? What are some of the funniest/dumbest/most unique screennames you’ve ever seen. (The best one I’ve seen was probably “Drnuckinfuts83.”



  1. List of my old screen names…
    CharlieDennyJr (creative I know)
    Reldor (when I started playing RPG’s and such)
    Reldor22 (current PSN name)

    Wow come to think of it, I guess I didn’t have any crazy screen names.. Kinda wish I did though. Oh well. It still is awesome to look back and remember what I was thinking about when I made them.

  2. Oh, man.

    My first that I used was RedPwr124x which was my first on RangerBoard (then Power Rangers Central). This was like, 2002.

    There have been variations since, all using “124x” in some form or another.

    -EricSon124x (Get it? Like the Ericsson phone? HAHAHA!)
    -MegaRyu124x (This was my Xbox GamerTag and what I changed “RedPwr124x” to on RangerBoard)

    Nowadays I’ve done away with a lot of the numbers and X’s, which I’m still trying to figure out what my obsession with it was all about. On Xbox I’m now Kamen Rider DX, and on RangerBoard I’m Kamen R2J.

    I guess I’ve moved on to “Kamen.”

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