The Summer Project: 109 Movies in 109 Days

Early last semester when I began this blog, I’ll be honest: I had no clue what I was doing. I jumped head first without any protection and out came this abortion.


But like all things, I learned. I studied closely the do’s and don’ts of each form of media. Don’t be a one-man G4 network. Do post your unique perspective. etc. etc. So now I come to you, older, wiser, hopefully more grizzled, and instead of being the cocky rookie upstart, I did my time in Dagobah with Yoda on my shoulders and now I get a sweet black Jedi outfit. Hopefully. And this is why I’m here.

Summer is coming. Summers are full of fun memories at the beach, picnics at the park, traveling far and abroad… of course it makes sense to blog about movies! Because that’s what people in the movies do, instead of me you who prefers the couch and stacks of Pringles.

But there’s gotta be a hook, right? A gimmick? A… thing? Something, right? Like how all movies are born not from the tortured writer in his cabin with the typewriter in front of him but from the studio execs who try to mash everything together, there’s gotta be that twist! What’s the twist here? Here’s the hook: For each day in my summer vacation, I will watch exactly one movie and write about it. Groundbreaking, right?

This was the first Google image result for "groundbreaking." I'm totally serious.

“But Eric!” you scream from your computer monitor as if I can hear you. “Movie reviews exist everywhere! Why should I listen to you?” Oh ho ho, dear reader. You should listen to me because fuck you.

In all seriousness, that is true: reviews exist everywhere. Hell, RottenTomatoes takes all the reviews and gauges them together. So there is no point in reviewing, which is exactly why I’m not. I will not be reviewing these movies. I’ll be writing about them,

“But what’s the difference?” you dramatically ask as a mini quiche falls from your gaping trap.

The difference is that not only will I be not telling you to go see it or not (as most reviews do), but I’ll be writing what I would have done. Which character would I have fleshed out more? Which actor/actress would I have chosen instead? How was the film shot? Where would I have filmed instead? What angles would I have used? What subjects did the documentary (yes, they will be written about) showcase well? Which ones didn’t? As The King of Siam would say, etc. etc. etc.

Each day I will watch one movie and write the hell out of it. Everything from the lighting, angles, actors and actresses, directors, writers, everything. There won’t be a damn thing in the movie I won’t critique. Essentially, you’ll be learning about film from a wannabe filmmaker who isn’t going to film school.

Do you trust me?

The movies I select each day will be completely random. I have several movies I plan on writing about, but as far as when and what day, I haven’t got a clue myself. The fun is in the impulse, the spontaneity. It will be fun for me as well as for you (I hope). The movies I watch will be of all genres, from romantic comedies, to old and new school kung-fu, science fiction and tokusatsu, period pieces, slapstick or Apatow/Kevin Smith-style comedies, everything except porn. I am totally going in blind.

Ignore it, ignore it.

Many of these movies I will be watching for the first time, as to recreate that post-movie talk in the theater bathrooms or the diner down the street (again, hopefully). Some movies, however, will be films I’ve already seen once, twice, maybe a hundred times, and I choose to revisit them for the sake of perspective.

And for my own ass, absolutely no movies will come from illegal downloads. All movies that I watch will come from my own personal DVD collection that I purchased, or I will raid my mom’s and sister’s collections (sorry!). A large amount of flicks will come from the Netflix Instant Queue library well, so if you find a movie that I reviewed wrote about that you think is interesting you’re able to check it out yourself (See that, Hollywood studios? That’s how the new media does it!).

In short, no movies are safe!

Now I must warn you: One of the real challenges to this is to actually keep up. Fighting off laziness and making this a real project takes a significant portion of the fun right out of it, but another big obstacle are summer classes which I start taking at the end of May. So bear with me in the first few weeks as I try to juggle my endeavors.

But nonetheless, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Starting Sunday, May 15, 2011, the 2011 Summer Project (working title) will kick off.

What will be my first movie?

Just you watch.


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  1. I want in on this project, lol.

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