The Pain Is Gone: Why I Think Brock Lesnar Will NOT Return To Pro Wrestling

“WWE? Pfft. I got Spencer’s money.”

Within the last 24 hours, the internet has been abuzz concerning Brock Lesnar’s loss to Cain, as well as his confrontation with the Undertaker that has left many people wondering. Is it staged? Or is it real? Are they trying to set something up?

411Mania as well as plenty of other internet sources have confirmed that the WWE has reached out to Brock Lesnar for a return match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 27.

I’m here to tell you why I don’t think it will ever — EEEEEVER — happen.

For starters, one of the biggest obstacles Lesnar had to overcome when he began MMA was that he could fight, and there are plenty of MMA snobs to this day who do not believe Lesnar to be a fighter despite his accolades in the short amount of time he’s been around. For some ridiculous reason or another, the mere fact that wrestling is staged and “fake” still bugs fight fans. They can’t seem to grasp the fact that it’s not meant to be legit, or that it should be more associated with theater and television than sports. After all that Lesnar had to shake off, to go back to the “fake” world of sports entertainment, even for a night, will have Lesnar’s detractors going apeshit. Again.

Another thing is that Lesnar has been away from wrestling for quite a long time. He had to adapt to a whole new discipline. Adjusting back to pro wrestling will be difficult and his possible performance at WrestleMania will suffer, and will not be up to par with his previous matches. Lesnar vs. Taker would be a huge money making fight, but to have that match be less than spectacular will be disappointing fans everywhere. Michael Hayes once said that fans should be entertained far beyond the price of admission, and to disappoint UFC and WWE fans alike with a lackluster match due to Lesnar’s time away would be a disservice.

Third, the reason for Taker and Lesnar’s confrontation is simply because of bad blood between the two. Admittedly, if 2010 taught wrestling fans anything is that you can put behind old grudges for the sake of putting on a good product (Bret Hart, HBK, McMahon), and I’m sure if Lesnar and Taker see the possible money to be had they can put aside their differences. Still, it would take a lot, a lot, a lot of money to convince Lesnar to even think about stepping back into the ring.

Fourth, Lesnar spoke in detail about his unhappiness in the WWE. While thankful for the stage it gave him, I was quite surprised when he said there were two years he spent in the WWE that he doesn’t remember. That’s scary as hell. Of course, pills and vodka had a lot to do with that, but the mere fact that he associates WWE with blackouts and excruciating back pain is yet another nightmare Lesnar may not want to revisit,  even for one night.

Basically, there’s a lot against Lesnar’s return to the WWE that must be considered, and not a whole lot of for except maybe a gigantic payoff. Which, in my opinion, would be unfair to the other boys in the locker room who have chosen a career in wrestling before, during, and since Lesnar’s tenure in wrestling as opposed to going where all the fame and fortune that could be had in MMA. As 411Mania pointed out, “Some people who were in WWE when Lesnar left the company aren’t happy to hear that he’s getting a big offer to come back after he ‘crapped on the business.'”


But hey, never say never. If there’s one lesson to be learned as a wrestling fan in 2010 is that anything, and that means anything could happen. Look at the wrestling landscape today than it was ten, maybe even five, hell, three years ago. Notice just how different the rosters were, who was retired, who came back. One of the most common things about pro wrestling is that no one stays retired (look at Ric Flair). Even for someone with the monster success that Brock Lesnar has had, there’s always that slim chance that it could happen, if the stars were aligned right.

There were even some rumors that The Rock himself wanted to return around November of this very year, saying he wanted to entertain fans in a way they have not been entertained before. Though it would have been in a non-wrestling capacity, the mere fact that The Rock discussed a return speaks volumes of the allure pro wrestlers have to the ring.

It’s just a matter of who, when, and where. For Lesnar, those factors definitely need to be weighed in.

“But wouldn’t his UFC contract forbid him from going to the WWE?”

Thankfully Dana White isn’t an ignorant jackoff like many MMA YouTube fanatics. Dana White understands the difference between competing in MMA to performing in wrestling. While his UFC contract may forbid him from “competing”, I’m pretty sure there’s a loophole that White himself could conjure up that would allow Lesnar to “perform” at WrestleMania. Hell, since the two are technically in different businesses (sports business vs. entertainment business, which White himself once proclaimed), Lesnar probably wouldn’t even need to consult White.

That would be an awesome freaking contract signing though. Heyman, Lesnar, and White on WWE SmackDown for the contract signing between McMahon and Undertaker. Isn’t the SyFy mantra “Imagine Greater”? Imagine that awesome picture.



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